Kähler - Hammershøi Plate Ø19 - White (692212)

Kähler - Hammershøi Plate Ø19 - White (692212)
Categories: Camping, Survival
Brand: Kähler
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The plate from Kähler is great to put on the table when you have guests, place it on the table with Hammershøi salad bowl with salad cutlery.New and delicious design made in collaboration with the designer Hans-Christian Bauer and Kähler Design. They have opened up a whole new style of Kähler and the mill is part of the brand new Hammershøi frame series. Hammershøi series is a mix between glass, ceramic and oak which shows that Kähler can be much more than just pottery.Useful information about the Plate.Size: Ø19 cm.Material: CeramicsKähler - Artwork since 1839.Kähler is known for beautiful products in porcelain with the finest quality craftsmanship and Scandinavian design. We know Kähler as a brand with strong artistic identity, but what very few know is that the company since 1839 has worked with the best Danish artists and over the years received a lot of international design awards.