Bitz - Gastro Lunch Plate 21 cm - Grey/Grey (821255)

Bitz - Gastro Lunch Plate 21 cm - Grey/Grey (821255)
Categories: Golf, Camping, Clubs, Survival
Brand: Bitz
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A beauty is born. Bitz has done it again, and this time they have designed the prettiest plate that is made in matte and blank stoneware. The plate is made both for dinner and lunch. Stoneware is covered with a beautiful reactive glaze that gives it extra glow. You will be able to create a very special look on your dinner table. The plates are dishwasher-proof, microwave- and oven-proof (up to 250°C). The glaze on Bitz plates makes them matte and reactive, which also makes each product unique. Choose between 4 beautiful colours and 2 sizes.NOTE: Scratches and cuts will be visible. It is not a defect.Useful information about Bitz Gastro Lunch Plate Size: Dia: 21 cm Material: StonewareDishwasher-proofMicrowave-proof Oven-proof (up to 250°C)BitzChristian Bitz has throughout his life shown great skills for innovation and will to change Danish health. Bitz has made a goal of pulling the health trend down to a realistic level, where it is just about starting a healthier life. Christian Bitz makes it fun to live healthier, and the change to a healthier life needs to be driven by motivation. He has many titles, and now also “service developer” is added to his CV.