Lyngby Glas - Jewel Beer Glass 49 cl - Set of 4 (916181)

Lyngby Glas - Jewel Beer Glass 49 cl - Set of 4 (916181)
Categories: Camping, Survival
Brand: Lyngby Glas
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Enjoy an ice cold beer after work with Lyngby jewel beer glass. The jewel series impresses on all fronts! The jewel beer glass is a simple and beautiful Danish design that is made for use. The glass is therefore sturdy and powerful, but the jewel design gives it a light and elegant look. The beer glass give your beer a beautiful and visual expresion, where you can see all the details of the beer. The glasses are manufactured in completely transparent environment glass, which is produced in a patented process, where lead-free glass material is processed so that they appear extraordinarily clear and very durable. The jewel of Lyngby beer glasses are perfect for everyday use or festive gatherings.Useful information about Lyngby Glas Jewel Beer GlassSize: 49 clMaterial: Glass Pack of 4 glassDishwasher: YES