Barbie - House and Doll (FXG55)

Barbie - House and Doll (FXG55)
Categories: Camping, Survival
Brand: Barbie
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Open this Barbie dollhouse and help Barbie doll move right in – the portable house unfolds to reveal a one-story home more than 2 feet wide and with 360 degrees of play! There’s a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and pool area, each with signature style and realistic background decals, themed accessories and fun features. In the kitchen, a sink and stovetop help play out cooking stories and an island bar is perfect for dining. The bedroom has a bed that flips down and a closet that can hold clothing. In the bathroom, a toilet has a working lid for a realistic touch. Outside, the pool can be filled with water to make a real splash while colorful “lights” hang from the patio. Fun pieces encourage imaginations and role-play, like cookware, place settings, a blanket and a plant. Some pieces have handles Barbie doll can hold, and others are designed with a plug-and-play system for stay-in-place play and easy clean-up! Close up to store to take on the go. Barbie doll is ready for anything in a floral tank dress with pink shoes. Young kids will love telling stories inside or outside and turning this sweet dollhouse into a sweet home because when a girl plays with Barbie, she imagines everything she can become. Add even more variety to Barbie doll’s rooms by collecting all of her fabulous furnishings and toys. Includes Barbie® doll, dollhouse and themed accessories. Colors and decorations may vary. Barbie doll’s portable dollhouse unfolds to reveal 2+ feet of indoor and outdoor storytelling fun – the one-story playset features a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and outdoor pool – and Barbie doll in a cute floral dress and matching shoes!Fill the pool with water to really make a splash – Barbie doll will have so much fun “swimming” beneath the colorful patio lights that can hang from the fold-out patio cover!Pull the two chairs up to the island bar for indoor or outdoor dining! Cook up a fabulous meal in the kitchen that includes a sink and stovetop, plus a pot and place settings for two.Fold down the bed in the bedroom and enjoy sweet dreams using the dreamy blanket and pillow.In the bathroom, a working lid on the toilet is fun to lip up and down, and a shelf holds included bathroom accessories like a brush and soap bottle.Some of the smaller pieces, like the tablet, have handles Barbie® doll can hold or a plug-and-play design that keeps them in place for active play and easy clean-up!Close up the house for convenient storage or take on the go – the iconic pink roof doubles as a carrying handle!Add variety to Barbie doll’s world and the storytelling opportunities by collecting all her fabulous furnishings and toys because when a girl plays with Barbie, she imagines everything she can become (each sold separately, subject to availability)