Stressticles (22723)

Stressticles (22723)
Categories: Golf, Camping, Clubs, Gear
Brand: Firebox
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These are Stressticles. Stress Testicles. A lovely rubberised sack of balls to grab and manipulate to ease your anxious mind.And they’re therapeutic for both men and women!For women:When the moment strikes, just give these balls a pulverising squeeze and know that if this was real life, the owner of the testicles would be paralysed with fear and pain, dry-heaving and wishing for a swift death. What a calming thought.For men:Stop playing trouser billiards like a mucky little ape! It might feel wonderfully relaxing but it’s horrific to watch. Keep your hands off your – in all probability – unwashed balls and relieve yourself with this rubber prosthesis instead.**although don’t stop checking them for lumps n’ that. Maybe do it in the shower.Crush the pain awayEndless enjoyment and effective stress-relief for both gendersMade from durable rubber that can take some punishmentLife-size! (depending on genetics and testosterone levels)Ironically a great gift for someone who’s already been given the sack