Fieno Greco - 30 caps

Fieno Greco - 30 caps
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Brand: Yamamoto Research
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Fenugreek is a plant belonging to the “Trigonella” genus, a term that refers to the triangular shape of its seeds and to trigonelline, a characteristic component of this plant. This plant was already known to the Persians and the Ancient Egyptians. The cultivation of fenugreek in Europe was probably started by Benedictine monks. Fenugreek is a source of vitamins, in particular vitamin A, vitamin C and group B vitamins. It also provides minerals such as calcium and iron. Fenugreek has several beneficial properties that have seen it become a widespread dietary supplement: it is valued for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory actions, as a tonic or as a hypoglycemic agent with emollient and expectorant properties. In fact, it is a “polyhedric” phytotherapic element rich in a variety of bioactive elements, with the particular characteristic of being “hypoglycaemic” due to hydrophilic fibres that hinder the activity of glucoactive enzymes (amylase), thus decreasing the presence of glucose in the blood. Moreover, studies have revealed the activity of “hydroxyisoleucine” which, working in synergy with other elements, stimulates the production of insulin and inhibits some enzymes responsible for increases in blood sugar levels. This is why it is well established that fenugreek is able to lower blood sugar levels, both in people with type 2 diabetes and in people with juvenile diabetes. Fenugreek contains steroidal saponins that perform a cholesterol-lowering action, thanks to the ability of these active ingredients to bind with blood cholesterol and thus reduce its intestinal absorption. Fenugreek is considered beneficial in cases of swollen lymph glands, acne and pimples, which it is able to fight thanks to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. The mucilages present in fenugreek help skin to stay young and hydrated, and contribute to the healthy functioning of the intestine. Anti-inflammatory properties are obtained from the mucilages it contains, indicated in the presence of irritations on the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal and respiratory systems. These active ingredients are able to decongest bronchial tissues and the lungs as well as to relieve inflammations of the mucous membranes in the intestine in cases of colitis or constipation due to their ability to increase their volume when coming into contact with liquids, which also lends the plant a certain mechanical laxative action. It has long been known that fenugreek has “galactogenic” properties, i.e. it has the ability to increase the production and quality of breast milk during lactation, while it is also able to counteract menopausal hot flushes, insomnia, night sweats and sudden mood swings. Fenugreek can also be recommended as a “tonic” during periods of particular mental and physical fatigue, asthenia or during convalescence, as it stimulates the appetite and counteracts iron deficiency (anaemia).