Nordic Superfood - Berry Powder Blue - Blueberry, Chokeberry, Black Currant 80 g

Nordic Superfood - Berry Powder Blue - Blueberry, Chokeberry, Black Currant 80 g
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Brand: Nordic Superfood
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Absorb all the good and effective ingredients from berries using berry powder. Try this one!Berry powder Blue from Nordic Superfood is a blue berry mix of Blueberries, Aronia and Blackcurrants. These berries are picked in Finnish forests and subsequently dried at 42 ° C, after which they are gently ground to a powder. This allows your body to absorb all the vitamins from the wild berries.The dietary supplement can be used in many different contexts, mix it in juice, smoothie, porridge or use it in baked goods. The berry powder is packed with vitamin C, vitamin E, potassium and iron. With only 10 g of powder, you get the equivalent of approx. 100 g. Fresh berries.Application:Take 1-2 tbsp. corresponding to approx. 5-10 gMix it in your juice, smoothie, water, porridge, muesli, yogurt or use it in baked goodsAdvantage:10 g of powder corresponds to 100 g of berriesUsed in juice, smoothie or waterUsed in porridge, muesli, yogurt or bakingRich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Potassium and Iron Gluten FreePainted of whole berriesNo additivesNo added sugarHigh in fiberStore dry and at a maximum of 23 ° CNutrient content per 100 gEnergy (KJ): 1401 Kj / 335 kcalFat: 1.9 gSaturated fatty acids: 0.2 gCarbohydrates: 54 gSugars: 31 gDietary fiber: 26 gProtein: 3.7 gSalt: 0.02 gVitamin A: <21 mcgVitamin C: 11 mgVitamin E: 5.5 mgVitamin K1: 9.4 mcgMinerals: Phosphorus: 160 mgIodine: 0.01 mgPotassium: 860 mgCalcium: 150 mgCopper: 0.40 mgMagnesium: 63 mgManganese: 11 mgIron: 4.1 mgSulfur: 69.3 mgSelenium: 0.02 mgZinc: 0.89 mgProductinfo:The recommended daily dose should not be exceededDietary supplements should not replace varied diets.Should be kept out of the reach of children.Should only be used by pregnant women or children under 1 year of age by appointment with a doctor or nurse.