Senseo - Switch 3in1 Startkit Mix

Senseo - Switch 3in1 Startkit Mix
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Brand: Senseo
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With this coffee machine from SENSEO ® you can make both a single cup for yourself or a jug for the whole family.Philips SENSEO® Switch 3-in-1 is the only coffee machine that can brew with both filter and coffee pads. When you use pads, each cup is served with a delicious cream layer. With the thermos jug function, you can make up to 7 cups at once, so that there is room for the entire table. This model has two intensity levels for adjusting the coffee strength.With our Startkit, you get:Senseo Original Coffee MachineSenseo Medium Original Coffee (36 pads) x 2Senseo Café Latte (8 pads)Senseo Milka Choko (8 pads) TripleBrew technologyThis smart technology ensures that every cup or jug is made to perfection. This is done through the right pressure, temperature and amount of water, which makes every cup of coffee a tasteful experience - every single time.A whole jug or a single cupIn the stainless steel thermos, you can brew coffee for 7 cups. In addition, the jug keeps the coffee warm for up to 2 hours, and you do not have to spend unnecessary energy on keeping the coffee machine on.If it needs to go fast, you can make a single cup with the pillows in under a minute. With a single tap you can make a medium or large cup (120 ml / 200 ml)The jug keeps the heat for up to two hours, and the coffee machine, therefore, does not use unnecessary energy to keep the coffee warm.Specifications:Cups at a time: 2 to 7Set the coffee strengthEasy cleaning and maintenanceDescaling indicatorDetachable filter holderEase of use and comfortDetachable drip trayDetachable water tankWater level indicationSustainabilityPackaging:> 90% recycled materialsPower consumption brewing: 1450 WUser Guide: 100% recycled paper year warranty: YesTechnical specificationsBrewing time one cup: 30 sec.Capacity: water tank: 1 LCapacity: water tank: 7 cupsCable length: 0.8 mFrequency: 50 HzMax. head height: 130 mmPump pressure: 1 barBrewing time for a jug: 8.5 min