Muubs - Soil Jar Ø 18 cm - Vanilje (9490000104)

Muubs - Soil Jar Ø 18 cm - Vanilje (9490000104)
Categories: Camping, Survival
Brand: Muubs
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Bring nature into your home with this beautiful jar that fits perfectly into the modern decor. The Soil jar from Muubs is inspired by nature’s textures and shades, and the raw surface, combined with the round shape, makes the jar a beautiful work of art. It has a sculptural and unique expression, which can both stand alone or be decorated with flowers to highlight the beautiful details. Use the Soil jar from Muubs as a decoration in the kitchen, living room or hallway as the finishing touch to your home decor. Useful information about Muubs Soil Jar: Dimensions: H: 11.5 cm / Ø: 18 cm Material: Terracotta