Russell Hobbs - Sous Vide Slow Cooker 25630-56

Russell Hobbs - Sous Vide Slow Cooker 25630-56
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Brand: Russell Hobbs
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Simplify professional cookingWith Russell Hobbs Sous Vide and Slow Cooker in one, we let you experience the best of cooking! Now you have the freedom to cook in three different ways, all with one and the same product. Why not invite family and friends to a slow cooker that highlights flavors from all ingredients and that makes the meat tender and tasty.Treat yourself to it on a weekday by cooking a juicy chicken and get the perfect internal temperature using the precision thermometer or use sous vide and achieve the right internal temperature on your beef fillet or salmon.Russell Hobbs Sous Vide & Slow Cooker helps you prepare the food right before cooking and once you start it, everything is taken care of by itself, which means that you have time for other things.3 ways to cookSous Vide - Now you can get the perfect internal temperature of your beef fillet, salmon, vegetables etc. Everything will be juicier, the flavors will be retained and enhanced with the help of sous vide.So how does it work1. Insert the Sous Vide stand into the ceramic container.2. Then add hot water and fill the container halfway.3. Press Sous Vide and adjust to the desired temperature.4. Place food in zip-locked bags or vacuum-packed in vacuum bags.What you are going to cook must be well sealed so that no water enters when it is put in the water bath. Slowly lower what you want to cook into the sous vide position.5. Place the lid and insert the Precision Thermometer in the designated place in the lid.6. Press START to start cooking.Classic slow cooker - Ready to use as a classic slow cooker casseroleDo you want to make a high-rib casserole or 8 hours of pulled pork? Just add your ingredients, set the desired setting and you are immediately ready to do otherwise, the slow cooker does the work for you!Fry - Whether you are cooking chicken or a piece of meat, the precision thermometer ensures that it is cooked to perfection and is juicy and tender.Use the description in the information booklet and start by setting the heat you need. Insert the precision thermometer into your piece of meat and then search for the type of meat you are going to cook, the digital display will then show the current temperature of the meat. When the meat has reached the preset temperature, the Sous Vide Slow Cooker will maintain this temperature and keep the cooking at an optimal level while the digital display shows how long the meat has been cooked.Features- Sous Vide and Slow cooker in one- Integrated handle that provides consistent water regulationEan: 5038061101331 / 23817036001