OBH Nordica - Sandwich Maker Crispy​ (6882)

OBH Nordica - Sandwich Maker Crispy​ (6882)
Categories: Camping, Survival
Brand: OBH Nordica
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A sandwich toaster is the easiest and fastest way to get crispy and evenly grilled sandwiches, in just a few minutes. Fill the sandwich with cheese, ham, tomatoes, sausages … the possibilities are endless, and we don’t judge. With the Sandwich Maker Crispy from OBH Nordica, you can grill two sandwiches simultaneously, for an even faster lunch, dinner or commercial break-snack.The plates are shaped to keep the filling in place, and keep you from getting greasy, melted cheese anywhere, but where it belongs – inside your delicious sandwich. A light on the toaster indicates when your sandwiches are done. Do not worry if the cheese does spill out. The plates are coated with a practical non-stick coating for easy cleaning.Useful information about OBH Nordica Sandwich Maker CrispyColour: Black Non-stick coating for easy cleaningWire length: 1.2 m Wattage 750 Voltage: 220-240EU-plugOBH - Designing good lifeOBH Nordica is a company with nordic roots, that produces electronic household products, where attractive design and functionality is of high priority, and where product development often happens in collaboration with leading, nordic designers. Picking out and producing innovative products with unique solutions, has become a key feature for OBH Nordica.