Little Tikes - 2-in-1 Water Soccer (656088)

Little Tikes - 2-in-1 Water Soccer (656088)
Categories: Outdoor sports
Brand: Little Tikes
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It has never been easier or more fun to get kids excited about football than with this 2-in-1 water football set from Little Tikes. Connect the garden hose to the set and let the children practice scoring or hitting the target, which activates the water sprayer. There is a lot of fun when the children kick the ball into the net and the opponent, who plays goalkeeper, gets soaking wet. The set can of course also be used in dry condition. The target can be placed in different places in the target and trains the children to aim better. The sliding disc nozzle can be set to spray in many directions. There can easily be more players, and you can take turns being on the offensive and defensive. The target frame is made of solid metal. From 24 months. Includes: - 1 football goal with target - 1 football - 1 pump