OBH Nordica - Saveur Slow Cooker - Black (7976)

OBH Nordica - Saveur Slow Cooker - Black (7976)
Categories: Camping, Survival
Brand: OBH Nordica
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OBH Nordica Saveur Slow CookerDelicious meal with the Slow Cooker from OBH Nordica! The Slow Cooker from OBH Nordica is very easy to use because you just have to prepare the ingredients and then the Slow Cooker will do the rest for you.It cooks the ingredients with a low temperature which makes all the good tastes stay in the pot and also the nutrients will stay in the pot as well which makes the meal healthier.It is designed so that you’re able to finish cooking before time and then turn on the ‘keep warm-function’ so it doesn’t get cold before eating. The slow cooker fits for many kinds of dishes, forexample meat, fish and vegetarian dishes.Which dish is your next? Useful information about OBH Nordica Saveur Slow CookerSimmer food – All nutrients stays in the foodBetter taste - More intense taste from the ingredientsRecipe book includedPerfect for fish, meat and vegetarian dishes2 settings and ‘keep warm-function’Heat settings: Low/HighCapacity: 4,7 LInner pot goes in the dishwasherManual ‘keep warm-function’Control lampAutomatic turn off: NoVoltage: 220-240240WEU-plugOBH - Designing good lifeOBH Nordica is a company with nordic roots, that produces electronic household products, where attractive design and functionality is of high priority, and where product development often happens in collaboration with leading, nordic designers. Picking out and producing innovative products with unique solutions have become a key feature for OBH Nordica.