Funktion -Whisky Stone 4 pcs (462246)

Funktion -Whisky Stone 4 pcs (462246)
Categories: Camping, Survival
Brand: Funktion
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Funktion Whisky StoneThe artificial ice cubes prevent your drinks from being diluted with water from the melting ice. Funktion whisky stones should always be washed thoroughly and put in the freezer before use. It is recommended to use 3 ice cubes per drink. The stones can also be used in soda, wine, cocktails, iced tea, etc. Imagine a hot summer day, the sun is burning, and you can lean back and close your eyes without thinking that you need to hurry with emptying your glass before it gets watered down.Useful information about Funktion Whisky StonePackes woth 4 pcsMaterial: Steel