Foyle's war - Collectors box 1-7 - DVD

Foyle's war - Collectors box 1-7 - DVD
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Michael Kitchen is Detective Chief Superintendent Foyle, a hardworking, policeman in Hastings during the Second World War. Anxious to join the war effort, he has repeatedly had his applications turned down and has returned to the South Coast sidelined and frustrated; but it soon becomes apparent that his detective skills are vitally needed on the Home Front.This box includes the following episodes from Season 1-7:THE GERMAN WOMANTHE WHITE FEATHERA LESSON IN MURDEREAGLE DAYFIFTY SHIPSAMONG THE FEWWAR GAMESTHE FUNK HOLETHE FRENCH DROPENEMY FIRETHEY FOUGHT IN THE FIELDSA WAR OF NERVESINVASIONBAD BLOODBLEAK MIDWINTERCASUALTIES OF WARPLAN OF ATTACKBROKEN SOULSALL CLEARTHE RUSSIAN HOUSEKILING TIMETHE HIDE