​Design Letters - Snack Bowl - Beige (10204010BEIGEHYGGE)

​Design Letters - Snack Bowl - Beige (10204010BEIGEHYGGE)
Categories: Camping, Survival
Brand: Design Letters
Size: One Size
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Beautiful and graphic bowl made of the finest and most exclusive porcelain in the world; Fine Bone China. The snack bowl from Design Letters is made of high quality, which has resulted in an exclusive bowl with a monochrome expression that adds personality to your table. Combine the bowl with other black porcelain from Design Letters or mix with the white series. Use the bowl with 1-2 weekend cups and you have the perfect gift idea. Useful information about Design Letters Snack Bowl: Dimensions: H: 5 cm Material: Fine Bone China with black glaze and laser engraved letters BPA / BPS / EA free