EXIT - Trampoline Cover ø244 cm (

EXIT - Trampoline Cover ø244 cm (
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Brand: EXIT
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The EXIT trampoline cover protects your trampoline in any type of weather. This black cover is suitable for round trampolines with a diameter of 244 centimetres, both for trampolines on legs and for inground trampolines. Note: this cover is not suitable for groundlevel trampolines, for these versions groundlevel trampoline covers are available. Do you lack the storage space for your trampoline in the winter or you simply don’t feel like dismantling and re-assembling the trampoline? With the trampoline cover you protect the EXIT Toys trampolines against weather influences, such as rain, snow, ice and UV rays, but also against dirt such as leaves from trees.You can easily attach the cover with elastics and the drainage holes ensure that the water does not remain on the trampoline. Extend the lifespan of your trampoline with the EXIT Toys covers!Protects against dirt and weather influencesExtends the lifespanEasy to secure with elastics