EXIT - Kickback Rebounder Medium 84x84cm

EXIT - Kickback Rebounder Medium 84x84cm
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Brand: EXIT
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Shoot or throw the ball against the Rebounder and it comes back with a surprisingly high speed. Practice your goalie skills by placing the Rebounder next to the goal so shots come off at an angle at speed to practice match scenarios! This is a product which is not only fun for the garden, but also an essential piece of equipment for training! The Kickback Rebounder M has a dimension of 84x84cm. So it’s a compact and manageable size! And, of course, Exit have thought this through so that the angle of the rebounder can be set between 35 ° and 90 °. So the Kickback Rebounder is suitable for all kinds of training. Setting the angle is done in a snap, which can be quickly chosen during training if you want to play another game or practice another exercise. The Rebounder is beautifully designed and very robust.The metal is galvanized and then powder coated black. So double the protection for years of use for children and adults alike! The rebounder net has strong rubber bands attaching it to the frame, which ensure that the Kickback Rebounder gives a silent but very powerful rebound. The Kickback Rebounder is beautifully finished with a high quality PVC cover edge. Finally, two anchors are being supplied in order to be able to secure the Rebounder.