EXIT - Sprinqle Water Play Tiles 250 x 250 cm (

EXIT - Sprinqle Water Play Tiles 250 x 250 cm (
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EXIT Sprinqle water play tiles 250x250cmThe EXIT Sprinqle consists of a 25 piece play tile set for children. Nine of these tiles have a nozzle which can produce squirts of water at the most unexpected moments to let children experience amazing water adventures. The interactive water play toys can be operated with a control box and with the EXIT Sprinqle app. The control box comes with the tiles and contains three games. Connect the garden hose to the panel, tap on it with your foot and let one of the games surprise you. Chase the water sprays, avoid them or maybe try to catch them. Wild water splashing adventures ahead for your kids this summer with the Sprinqle water play tiles from EXIT Toys.Click and playThe Sprinqle water play tiles from EXIT Toys are easy to assemble and can be arranged in a small or large square or in a hopscotch layout. Decide on how you would like the tiles to be arranged, click them in place with the connectors and attach the nozzles to the control box. Use the EXIT click blocks to decorate the tiles with numbers or other bright figures to complete your very own design. And would you like to change the shape? Then simply build a brand new Sprinqle, easy as that.Water splashing adventuresThe control box from the EXIT Sprinqle is equipped with three unique water games. Challenge your friends to a game of ‘chase’ and see who can catch the most squirts of water. Has the winner been announced? Then quickly tap with your foot on the control box to let one of the other splashing games from the EXIT Sprinqle surprise you.For those who really can’t get enough of water games, we have developed an actual EXIT Sprinqle app. The app connects via bluetooth to the Sprinqle water play tiles from EXIT Toys and because of its special child friendly design, it is easy to operate by kids. Download the interactive app and check out the seven new games of the Sprinqle water play tiles from EXIT Toys.Play safeAnd we have also considered safety. That’s why the Sprinqle tiles all have a special anti slip surface and a green coloured rim which carefully covers each corner of the tiles. A pressure regulator on the control box also allows you to determine the height of the water jets, so that even the youngest ones can enjoy playing with the Sprinqle. The Sprinqle water play tiles from EXIT Toys make sure you will experience great fun and games in your very own garden.Standard included:25 play tiles9 nozzles with hoseControl box with pressure regulatorGreen rimSquare EXIT click blocks