Baby Born - First Love Cutie (823446)

Baby Born - First Love Cutie (823446)
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Brand: Baby Born
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100% fabric, 100% soft, 100% sweet. The body of this lovable doll is made exclusively of fabric with soft and cuddly stuffing. The cute little face with its blond hair, friendly eyes and smiling mouth is lovingly embroidered. The pink romper is adorned with colourful polka dot appliqués. A rattle inside the doll makes play exciting and caters a soothing sound.BABY born® First Love is an exclusive light “beginner’s doll” for the very little ones and can be a first cradle and cot ally for children from birth.• BABY born® First Love branded doll• For playing, cuddling, to help the child sleep and as an introduction to mother-child role play• The doll’s body is made of fabric with soft and cuddly stuffing• Suitable for babies from birth• No batteries requiredBABY born® First Love Cutie, the especially cuddly little one with rattle.