BABY born - Interactive Bottle & Spoon 43cm (826898)

BABY born - Interactive Bottle & Spoon 43cm (826898)
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Brand: Baby Born
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BABY born is really good at spooning her purée. But it’s a hassle taking all that cutlery with you when going on an exploratory trip. So it’s great that the pink bottle with sucking sound now also has an integrated spoon. Then there is the normal bottle attachment that she can use to drink water. But the real show-stopper is the attachment with the spoon: the hole on the spoon attachment pushes purée onto BABY born’s spoon so she can eat. Tasty! • High-quality accessories for the BABY born branded doll• For enhanced, diverse and long-lasting fun through playBABY born Easy Feeding Bottle 43cm with two attachments and sound effect.