Baby Born - Starter Set (824467)

Baby Born - Starter Set (824467)
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Brand: Baby Born
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This great starter set consists of everything a doll parents need. The bottle for BABY born®’s water is made out of soft plastic and is ergonomically very suitable for small hands. The bottle’s only just been emptied and the nappy’s already full, so we need the spare nappy. We also need cream from the cream tube and power from the blue bottle for changing. BABY born® somehow finds changing completely boring, so prefers to play with the security blanket with bunny-shaped rattle ring until it’s over. The dummy is then put into her mouth later on when she’s going to sleep. Now quickly fasten the clip to the dummy chain, so the dummy can’t get lost in the land of dreams.• Premium accessories for the BABY born® branded doll• For enhanced, diverse and long-lasting fun through playBABY born® Starter Set with bottle, nappy, powder bottle, cream tube, security blanket with rattle ring and dummy with dummy chain.