Zone - Splash Soap Dispenzer - Black (330180)

Zone - Splash Soap Dispenzer - Black (330180)
Categories: Camping, Survival
Brand: Zone
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Do you also hate the look of the generic plastic bottle with soap on the kitchen table? Or do you buy soap in large volumes and need some nice smaller bottles to put it in? Then this new product from Zone is just for you. Zone has designed this smart version of a soap dispenser that you do not need to feel embarrassed having on display when guests come to visit. Splash is made of silicone and can be filled from the bottom. Splash soap dispenser is super easy to use. You take it from the table and press in the middle, without turning it over, and the soap comes out of the bottom. This way you will not get the streaks from the top of the dispenser. Useful information about Zone Splash Soap DispenzerSize: 6 x 15 cm Materiale: Silicone 0,15 literZone