Zone - Rocks Copa/GT Glass 27 cl - 2 pcs (332101)

Zone - Rocks Copa/GT Glass 27 cl - 2 pcs (332101)
Categories: Camping, Survival
Brand: Zone
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A good drink is a moment of joy that appeals to all senses. A G&T tastes better and looks better in this beautiful glass. The shape of Zone’s Rocks glass is simple, minimalistic and beautiful. Rocks series is designed by Mavro/Léfevre.This series with a range of different glasses made of lead-free handmade crystal is a part of Zone Denmark’s bar concept Rocks. The design is a simple, conical shape with nice sensual details like a big bottom, which is created to get the best out of your drinks.Useful information about Zone Rocks Copa/GT GlassSize: 19 cm Materiale: Crystal GlassVolume: 27 cl2 pcs