Yookidoo - FunElefun Fill 'N' Sprinkle - Blue

Yookidoo - FunElefun Fill 'N' Sprinkle - Blue
Categories: Camping, Gear
Brand: Yookidoo
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An elephant trunk funnel with 3 delightful interchangeable trunk accessories:- Spinning water mills- Twistable trunk spray- Sprinkler nozzleEspecially made for small hands, the FunElefun is easy to grasp by the ears. Grasping FunElefun, filling with water and attaching the different trunk accessories for delightful water effects, helps to develop your toddler’s muscles and fine motor skills.A super engaging bath toy which will spark your child’s imagination, prompt their curiosity, and encourage independent play, exploration, and discovery.Especially made for small hands, it is easy to grasp by the ears and fill with water.Attach anyone of the interchangeable trunk accessories, fill the trunk with water and watch with delight as they spin and sprinkle water.FunElefun comes with a large suction cup that sticks to the tub for easy play & storageAll interchangeable accessories can be placed inside the FunElefun the for easy mold free storage.Promotes STEM based learning by introducing your toddler to the fundamental principles of physics and hydro dynamics.Develops cognitive skills through exploring and experimenting.Boosts curiosity and creativityDevelops hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.Teaches cause and effect.Enhances sensory development.