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Shape Your Legendin EA SPORTS UFC 4. In EA SPORTS UFC 4, the fighter you become isshaped by your fighting style, your achievements and your personality. Developand customise your character through a unified progression system across allmodes. Go from unknown amateur to UFC superstar in the new Career Mode,experience the origins of combat sports in two all-new environments – The Kumite and The Backyard – or challengethe world in new Blitz Battles or Online World Championships to become theundisputed champ. In gameplay, fluid clinch-to-strike combinations offer moreresponsive and authentic stand-up gameplay, while overhauled takedown andground mechanics deliver more control in those key phases of the fight. Nomatter how or where you play, EA SPORTS UFC 4 puts ‘you’ at the centre of everyfight. Gameplayand Presentation:With more controlin striking, Real Player Motion Technology elevating two-player grapplingexchanges, the new submission system and a devastating ground and poundoverhaul, players will feel every phase of the fight in EA SPORTS UFC 4.● Fluid ClinchControl: UFC 4 introduces Real Player Motion Technology (RPM Tech) into theart of the ‘clinch’, creating a fluid experience driven by positioning andphysical context. Utilising this technology, the clinch is integrated as partof the striking system allowing for more fluid and frequent clinch and breakmoments. ● TakedownOverhaul: UFC 4 introduces RPM Tech into takedown gameplay as well. With amultitude of new takedown animations, players will feel a larger spectrum ofoutcomes, driven by user control and fighter attributes. From power carries toclean sprawls to all-new driving takedowns where players actively push ordefend through the takedown attempt, fights are won or lost in these impactfulwrestling moments. ● DevastatingGround and Pound: Finding ways to inflict significant damage from theground has become the trademark of some of the UFC’s best. With the ground andpound overhaul, UFC 4 puts you in more control of postured-up scenarios, givingthe striker more tools to aim and pick their spots and the defender access tomore tools, like head movement and well-timed counter transitions. ● New SubmissionsSystem: The overhauled system introduces an all-new experience for thesubmission phase. Depending on your position, one of two new mini-games willtrigger, built to offer a simplified user experience. In addition, players nowhave the ability to strike from the submission phase and more ways totransition submissions to accelerate the finish, or deploy high-impact slams toescape them. ● Grapple Assist: Theintroduction of a more intuitive control scheme allows for greater control andunderstanding in the ground game. Basic left-stick button inputs allow playersto instantly trigger an effort to ‘get up’, ‘submit’ or advance to a moreadvantageous ‘ground and pound’ position. ● Dynamic StrikingInputs: An overhaul to the control scheme allows for more controlledstriking, while offering better access to a variety of combinations. Using thenew mechanic, players can choose between tapping the button to strike withspeed or holding it to execute slower, more damaging blows. ● High-ImpactMoments: Every fighter enters the Octagon to finish the fight. In UFC 4,players will see, hear and feel the disorienting impact of a fight-changingshot, or see face-rippling replays of devastating knockout blows that put theiropponent on the canvas. ● New CommentaryTeam: Former UFC Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight Champion Daniel “DC”Cormier jumps into the commentary booth alongside UFC broadcast staple JonAnik, providing a fresh, new commentary experience that is entertaining,energetic and informative. NewFighting Environments: A fighter isforged by their surroundings; whether they’re built in the streets or born outof old martial arts discipline, these new environments make the fighter… andthe fight. ● The Backyard: Some of the most brutal strikers in history beganwith a raw past that paved the way for their professional future. In thebackyard environment, you’d better finish the fight because out here thejudge’s scorecard is the last thing anyone wants to see. ● The Kumite: An environment that pays homage to the old lore ofMMA. People come to this underground temple for one reason only, to impose thedominance of their fighting discipline on any challengers. ● UFC Apex: The authentic site of Dana White’s Contender Seriesin Las Vegas. This unique venue captures the distinct environment, wherefighters go from “contenders” to UFC professional athletes. ● Action Avenue:An outdoor amateur MMA venue, built to showcase where humble beginnings taketheir first steps towards future MMA glory. CreatedFighter and Vanity: The EA SPORTS UFC 4 universe is built aroundyour fighter, and every fighter is different – from how they perform, to thepersonality they bring to the Octagon. Performance details like weight classand one of twelve fighter archetypes define how you fight, while over 1600 newpieces of earnable gear, over 120 emotes and more allow you to put yourpersonality on display while doing it.