Tuikku - Frosted Silver

Tuikku - Frosted Silver
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Brand: KAARI
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Kaari Tuikku Mini long-reach lighter is easy to recharge with the micro USB connector and USB cable, which is included in the package. It doesn’t need any harmful lighting fuels. It uses electricity, so you can recharge it with the charger of your phone, computer, or power bank. Filling up a lighter has never been so easy and ecological. Kaari Tuikku Mini lighter doesn’t have a flame that blows out in the wind or rain. The lighter uses electricity to create a plasma arc 1100°C in temperature, so it withstands the wind, rain, and frost effortlessly. The ignition points are at the end of the long handle, making it even easier to use – especially in narrow places. Kaari Tuikku Mini provides a unique and weatherproof solution for every need regardless of the conditions and weather.