Train Simulator Collection

Train Simulator Collection
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Immerse yourself in a realistic world where you control all the trains that please you and carry passengers back and forth in a packed schedule! Are you the new driver ?!Drive on one of the busiest routes in the worldIn the Train Simulator Collection you will be responsible for powering your train on several beautiful and not least historical routes such as the German Frankurt - Koblen Z route, the British Fife Circle Line route, the American San Francisco - Gilroy route and the French Marseille - Avignon route.At your disposal are some of the most distinctive horsepower on the rails, in the form of the German state-of-the-art DB BR 429.1 EMU and the British powerhouse BR Class 68, 158 and 170. Last but not least, you will be responsible for operating the MPXpress diesel locomotive in the USA. and the electric drive TGV-Duplex in France, which can reach speeds of up to 320 km / h.Immerse yourself in this realistic video game where you can unleash your inner speed devil and enjoy the beautiful landscapes along the way!