Apigenin, 50mg - 90 caps

Apigenin, 50mg - 90 caps
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Supports prostate health Promotes glucose metabolism Maintains nervous system function What is apigenin? You may not have heard about this once obscure bioflavonoid, but a quick internet search will reveal that apigenin is poised to become a well-recognized and popular nutrient. Researchers are investigating its potential to promote cellular health within various tissues. The most promising work to date is being done with regard to the prostate, but research shows apigenin benefits within other tissues as well. As investigations continue, apigenin’s potential as a powerful agent for human health just keeps compounding. Swanson is pleased to be among the first health and wellness companies to bring you a pure, nature-identical apigenin supplement. Don’t forget to check out our costumer-driven apigenin reviews to find out what people are saying.