Sunflex - Boomerang CASSINI Neopren, Illusion (74470)

Sunflex - Boomerang CASSINI Neopren, Illusion (74470)
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Brand: Sunflex
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The Boomerang CASSINI is made of neoprene and is very handy and solid for easy catching. It is a beach game that strengthens eye-hand coordination for everyone who plays and is recommended from 5 years of age and up.Boomerang, flat and soft in neoprene so it does not hurt to grab. It is obvious to take on the beach and in the pool and throw with as it can withstand water. It is a boomerang with Illussion design in good quality from Sunflex Sport. Then it does not take up much space and weighs just 93 grams and measures 29 cm Ø.