Spider-Man: 5 Movie Collection - DVD

Spider-Man: 5 Movie Collection - DVD
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Brand: Spiderman
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Spider-ManThe web-spinning superhero has a mission to save New York from his nemesis, the Green Goblin, and to win the heart of Mary Jane, the girl next door. Spider-Man 2 Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) gives up his crime-fighting identity of Spider-Man™ in a desperate attempt to return to ordinary life and keep the love of MJ (Kirsten Dunst). But a ruthless, terrifying new villain, the multi-tentacled Doc Ock, forces Peter to swing back into action to save everything he holds dear. Spider-Man 3 New York City is in the throes of Spider-mania, and Peter Parker finally has the girl of his dreams. But just when it seems like things can’t get any better, Spider-Man™ must fight the most terrifying trio of villains he’s ever encountered—the deadly Sandman, the New Goblin, and Venom—plus the enemy he discovers within himself. The Amazing Spider-Man A teenage Peter Parker grapples with both high school and amazing super-human crises as his alter-ego Spider-Man™. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 When Spider-Man’s™ enemies unite, Peter Parker finds that his greatest battle is about to begin.