PUKY - Wutsch - Berry (3022)

PUKY - Wutsch - Berry (3022)
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Brand: Puky
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The front swing axle of the PUKY® WUTSCH® allows a flat steering angle and stabilizes the vehicle with smaller obstacles. Children from the age of 1 ½, who can already walk safely, also have the opportunity to safely move on less level surfaces. The PUKY® WUTSCH® also promotes the further development of the sense of balance through the swinging front axle and is thus the logical follow-on vehicle of the PUKYlino®. Available in 4 colours PUKY® color, berry, light grey and kiwi, the PUKY® WUTSCH® is also broadly positioned in terms of design. Also completely new: the light grey comes with 2 creative decors in sky blue and rosé to stick yourself!Age 1,5 yearsStep height from 26 to 36 cmHeight from 80 to 95 cmMax. total load 20 kg.My first PUKY®"If only everything was as easy later on, as the introduction to child mobility with a well designed ride-on vehicle:All PUKY® ride-on vehicles are designed so that small children who can already sit or walk can intuitively use them to move about, further developing their motor skills as a result. Simple movements, such as strongly pushing off from the ground, are combined into complex processes - which is clearly very enjoyable. Especially the enjoyment of movement - and that is very important. It is only through movement that the basic senses of your child can develop and form a good foundation for successful learning.WarningsAttention: Not to be used by children over 36 months.Suitable for children from 1 1/2 years.