PUKY - LR 1 L PLUS Supermoto Edition - Black (4099)

PUKY - LR 1 L PLUS Supermoto Edition - Black (4099)
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Brand: Puky
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PUKY® learner bikes are an ideal complement to the classic scooter, and also the perfect preparatory stage for the first play bike. They are characterised by their low step through frame and particularly child-friendly ergonomics. The special learner bike saddles are ergonomically shaped and perfectly support the child’s walking movements. The handlebar and saddle are height-adjustable, allowing for individual customisation. As a result, movement and the vehicle can be enjoyed for years.Frame with low step through and platform· Crash pad· Special learner bike saddle· Ball bearing wheels and steering· Safety handlebar grips· Height adjustable saddle and handlebars· Impact resistant powder coating· Side stand· Pneumatic tyres(50-203 / 12 1/2 x 2.00)with coloured sidewall· Mudguard rear· Number plate· 4.8 kg**