Panasonic - ES-LV6Q Foli Shaver Wet & Dry

Panasonic - ES-LV6Q Foli Shaver Wet & Dry
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Brand: Panasonic
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Experience Japanese art in the form of the next generation razor with Multi-flex 5D head, Japanese 5-blade technology and linear counter drive that gives you a nice, smooth and clean shave every time.Panasonic has developed the next generation razor in the form of the ES-LV6Q razor with unusually sharp and robust blades, which together with a newly developed suspension mechanism provide an impressive shave. The shaving head is flexible and follows the contours of your face and three different hole patterns in the foil sheets work together to capture and cut off even the most difficult parts of the beard. The 30 ° angle on the inner blade gives an incredibly close shave. The blades are evenly shaved even in coarse stubble and driven by a high-speed motor. The shaver gives you a close, even and clean shave every time you use it, and can be used for even the heaviest beard.Product specifications :Number of leaves: 5Patented high-speed linear motorMulti-Flex 5D headBattery: Li-ionCharging time: Approx. 1 hourWet and dry shaving: YesPop-up trimmer: YesEAN: 5025232876983SKU: ES-LV6Q-S803