Exercise Bar for Door (04968)

Exercise Bar for Door (04968)
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Brand: Mikamax
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Take your home workout to the next level with a door anchor and workout exercise bands that can turn any door into a small gym.Just because the gym isn’t open does not mean that you can’t cultivate some muscle mass as you normally do. You and your muscles need not fear anymore, the solution to all your fitness problems can be found right here.This workout set can magically transform an entirely regular door into a small gym. You can fix the door anchor onto any door in your home, no matter how small the apartment is, and then you can start exercising your muscles again, which they so desperately need.This all-in-one fitness elastic set includes a door anchor that can be attached to all types of doors, without the use of screws, two handles and an exercise bar. The training elastics give you lots of resistance, so you get a good, versatile training, such as chest training, back training, shoulder training, leg training and much more. Then there are no more excuses!Product info:Training elastic for door with door anchorsContains: Door anchors, training elastics, 1 training bar & 2 handlesMaterial: Steel, cast iron, rubber and ABSWeight: 4 kg