OBH Nordica - Coffee Mill Easy Grind (GD4008S0)

OBH Nordica - Coffee Mill Easy Grind (GD4008S0)
Categories: Camping, Survival
Brand: OBH Nordica
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Freshly ground coffee is the best! When grinding your own coffee, you not only get a better taste – you also spread the scent of freshly ground coffee beans throughout the room. Maybe it is the first thing you smell in the morning. Maybe it is the smell of a nice evening on the couch. Whatever you associate it with, it is the smell of a fresh and delicious cup of coffee. The Coffee Mill Easy Grind from OBH Nordica grinds beans for both French press- and filter coffee fast and efficiently.This grinder can grind up to 10 cups of coffee in one filling. The skid proof feet keep the grinder in place, when grinding.Useful information about OBH Nordica Coffee Mill Easy GrindMaterial, grinding mechanism: Stainless steel Cups: 10 Capacity: 75 g / 10 cups of coffeeSkid proof feet: Yes Wire length: 0.7 m Wattage: 200 Voltage: 220-240EU-plugOBH - Designing good lifeOBH Nordica is a company with nordic roots, that produces electronic household products, where attractive design and functionality is of high priority, and where product development often happens in collaboration with leading, nordic designers. Picking out and producing innovative products with unique solutions, has become a key feature for OBH Nordica.