Bialetti - Pitcher Milk Frothing Jug - 50 cl (1807)

Bialetti - Pitcher Milk Frothing Jug - 50 cl (1807)
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Brand: Bialetti
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The stylish and exclusive barista utensils and espresso accessories from Bialetti are the perfect partner for your espresso machine when the milk has to be steamed for Cappuccino or Latté. Bialetti is a reliable partner when it comes to espresso and coffee accessories. The teat has a professional rounding so the milk can be controlled to perform beautiful patterns with your Latté art. Warm and foam the milk for today’s first caffe latte with Bialetti Pitcher milk frothing jug. The fine and practical stainless steel milk jugs have the perfect sizes to easily steam milk with steam from your espresso machine, as required. The Bialetti measuring bowls can withstand dishwashers so they are easy to clean after use. BialettiAlfonso Bialetti also called " the little man with moustachet " invented espresso jug back in 1933. Bialetti has since then been a strong brand worldwide and symbolizes Italian design and quality. Bialetti is best known for their expresso pot, which is a known symbol of Italian culture. The rest of the world is being brought to the Italian wave and luckily they would like to share the delicious taste.