Muscle Massager Gun (04915)

Muscle Massager Gun (04915)
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Brand: Mikamax
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Treat your body, or the body of someone you care about, with this effective muscle massage gun that relieves your sore muscles.Are you struggling with sore muscles? You no longer need to visit the Thai masseuse on the corner - at least not to relieve your sore muscles. This rechargeable massage gun can help you with 6 different massage elements that make it easy to hit even the muscles that are hard to reach. You can easily transport the massage gun around and with 6 different intensity modes, you can easily adapt it to you and your muscles’ preferences and needs.6 different attachmentsPortable6 different intensity modes1200 - 3300 pulsation per minuteMetal interior, no plastic parts insideLonger lifespanBattery: 2000 mAh