Razor Sharpener (05023)

Razor Sharpener (05023)
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Brand: Mikamax
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Dull razor blades are a terrible piece of work that does not give a very good result and is basically?% & “! Annoying!The Razor Sharpener X Gentleman’s Choice is a real partner. It can extend the life of your razor blades up to 4 times, and that way they stay sharp. It is also much safer when you swing around with sharp razor blades in the nobler regions.You just grind and clean the razor blades with warm water and / or shaving cream.Product informationMaterial: Waterproof bamboo and siliconeDimensions: 14.5 x 5.5 x 1.5 cmWeight: 80 gramsIncludes rope cord to be able to hang it up