Mette Blomsterberg - Disposable Piping Bag - 50 pcs.

Mette Blomsterberg - Disposable Piping Bag - 50 pcs.
Categories: Camping, Survival
Brand: Mette Blomsterberg
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Mette Blomsterberg’s Disposable piping bags are hygienic and made in a very sturdy quality. They can be used for cream and mousses, and you get a great result, because it is much easier to control the amount from a piping bag than from a spoon. Cut a suitable hole for the tips you want to use or use them without the tips. Metter Blomsterberg’s pattern is on all bags in the roll. You can also use the piping bags for putting drained yoghurt in beautiful glasses with granola on top or putting mashed potatoes in small ramekins or bowls and serving it with fried meat or poultry. You can also buy a piping tip set from Mette Blomsterberg. Nyttig information om Mette Blomsterberg Disposable piping bagsFits Blomsterberg’s piping tips Length 47 cm Fits 3,5 litres Produced in sturdy, food approved plastic Roll with 50 pcs