Metal Machines - Playset - Series 1 Gorilla Attack (6726)

Metal Machines - Playset - Series 1 Gorilla Attack (6726)
Categories: Golf, Clubs
Brand: Metal Machines
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Discover the hottest cars and tracks from Metal Machines! Unleash countless Metal Machines into this action-loaded playset that offers endless storytelling options and unlimited play fun. Speed through the massive Gorilla hand trap and the monstrous Gorilla mouth to overcome the beast. The playset features a multi-level garage that Metal Machines can reach through the integrated and manually operated 2-car elevator in this set.The two levels hold parking and stand-by spots for more than 20 cars as well as 2 auto repair stations and a helicopter platform housing a rescue helicopter able to transport cars. Most track and playset pieces are interchangeable and also track directions can be changed to allow infinite combination possibilities. If the heat of the action is too much the metal machines can drive through the underground tunnel of the playset and escape the beast. Two Metal Machines are already included.Contents: 1 x Metal Machines Gorilla Rampage Garage PlaysetMetal Machines Gorilla Rampage: Battle it out against the monstrous attacking GorillaINTERACTION FUN: Manually operated 2-car elevatorINCREDIBLE VALUE: 3m/10ft track length & 20 parking spotsROLE-PLAY FUN: Repair stations and rescue helicopter for carsUNLIMITED VARIATION: Inter-changeable track pieces and route switches