Kraken Black, Rainbow Candy - 320 grams

Kraken Black, Rainbow Candy - 320 grams
Categories: Golf, Clubs
Brand: Sparta Nutrition
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KRAKEN BLACK: EXTREME STIMULANT PRE-WORKOUT. Get ready to unleash the dark side! For the most extreme users, Kraken Black offers a one-of-a-kind experience intended to give even more energy than the original Kraken. Since Kraken is one of the most well-received pre-workouts the world has ever seen, you know what that means: things are about to get serious. Kraken Black is an industry-leading pre-workout supplement that was specifically formulated to energize your training, deliver laser-focus, and drive muscular endurance, but as you can imagine, this one’s most heavily geared towards the energy side of supplementation. Kraken Black is the only extreme pre-workout you will ever need if you are looking for that “extra something” for your training. Featuring a carefully crafted blend of high-quality ingredients, Kraken Black sets the bar for what other pre-workouts should do. Based upon one of the world’s highest-ranked pre-workouts in Kraken, the new Kraken Black is: EVEN HIGHER IN ENERGY THAN THE ORIGINAL KRAKEN UNMATCHED IN ITS TUNNEL VISION FOCUS A SKIN-SPLITTING NITRIC OXIDE ENHANCER A POTENT MUSCLE ENDURANCE BOOSTER THE ONLY PRODUCT OF ITS KIND WITH THE PROPER DOSAGE FOR THE MAXIMUM PRE-WORKOUT EXPERIENCE. WHY WE ARE DIFFERENT Open tab WHAT MAKES KRAKEN BLACK DIFFERENT FROM OTHER PRE-WORKOUTS? We know your time is valuable and that every second you spend training needs to be utilized for maximum results. Sparta Nutrition created Kraken Black to deliver an unmatched energy source and the world’s most intense - but balanced - pre-workout experience. With a revolutionary stimulant system that provides a full range of ingredients to fuel your workout and give you “next-level” results, Kraken Black will push you to new heights in your training that you didn’t know were even possible. But beware –– Kraken Black is not for beginners. It delivers a potent energy complex alongside many of the original Kraken ingredients to give you the best workout of your life… if you’re ready for it. You don’t settle for less than the best in your training, so why settle for less from your pre-workout? UNMATCHED INGREDIENT PROFILE. Kraken Black delivers on its promise to give you an upgrade in energy from other pre-workout supplements and is all you need to crush your goals. With added synergistic ingredients such as B-Phenylethylamine