Hot Wheels Unleashed (Day One Edition)

Hot Wheels Unleashed (Day One Edition)
Categories: Golf, Camping, Clubs, Gear
Brand: Milestone
32.95 GBP
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DRIVE THE CARS OF YOUR DREAMS! The coolest, the fastest, the most unique badass vans and jaw-dropping muscle cars are waiting for you. Take the wheel of tons of vehicles with their own personality and style, different traits and levels of rarity.RACE LIKE EVERYONE’S WATCHING!Get ready for pure fun and show off your driving skills!Drift like a pro, charge your boost and blast through the loops to beat time, rivals and gravity itself!UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY! Massive, themed playgrounds are ready to host the most immersive races. Have fun on and off the track with these beautifully detailed and interactive environments, where any object can play a role and be an actual part of your circuit!