Kähler - Hammershøi Grinder Large - Antracit Grey (692242)

Kähler - Hammershøi Grinder Large - Antracit Grey (692242)
Categories: Camping, Survival
Brand: Kähler
Size: M
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Salt/pepper grinder from Kähler. The beautiful mill can grind both peppercorn and salt flakes, so it does not matter which you choose. It is made in oak with a nice layer of ceramic.New and nice design made in cooperation with the designer Hans-Christian Bauer and Kähler Design. They have opened up a new style of Kähler and the grinder is one part of the completely new Hammershøi series. Hammershøi series is a mix between glass, ceramic and oak that shows that Kähler is much more than just ceramics. Useful information about Kähler Hammershøi GrinderSize: 17,5 x 6,5 cm.Material: Wood and CeramicKähler - Artwork since 1839Kähler is known for beautiful products in ceramics that in a timeless manner appeal to all but are interpreted individually. Thanks to the popular design names as Louise Campbell, Cecilie Manz and Jeanette List Amstrup, we know Kähler as a brand with strong artistic identity, but what few know is that since 1839 the company has cooperated with the best Danish artists and has received many international design prizes over the years.