Magic Wine Decanter Deluxe

Magic Wine Decanter Deluxe
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Brand: Mikamax
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Wine needs to breath, after you open up a bottle of wine you need to aerate it and let it breathe. With the Magic Wine Decanter deluxe there is no need to wait, you simply pour the wine into the decanter, watch the magic happen and let the wine flow into your glass. This magic decanter draws in the proper amount of air for the right amount of time, allowing your wine to breathe. Just simply assemble the decanter, pour your wine and enjoy.Wine decanter.With stand.Let wine taste better.Easy to use.Dishwasher safe.Avoid washing with abrasive and rough materials.Delivered in a stylish gift boxMaterial: ABSStand height: 33 cm, with aerator height is 41 cmStand foot: Ø 16,5 cm