IdHAIR - Mé The Perfect Styling Kit

IdHAIR - Mé The Perfect Styling Kit
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Brand: Id Hair
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IdHAIR - Mé The Perfect Styling KitIdHAIR Mé - Heat Defender:Heat protection is a must if you want to protect your hair from being worn by heat from e.g. straighteners or curling irons. This easily disposable spray protects up to 230 degrees, and is therefore perfect for protection when using most styling irons on the market. As it can be used in damp or dry hair, it is also ideal for blow-drying. In this way, the hair is protected during both blow-drying, but also with subsequent use of styling irons. If you are not sure that the dosage for blow-drying was sufficient, it may be advisable to give your hair one more round before using styling irons. Better to be on the safe side, right?IdHAIR Mé - Dry CleanAre you busy? Do not worry. With this dry shampoo you can skip one or two hair washes. The product is ideal for all hair lengths and is a multifunctional product, as it both cleanses the hair of any styling residues, and at the same time gives fullness. So you can postpone the hair wash until you do not think it can be postponed any longer. With the help of rice flour, the shampoo can suck the fat from the hair, leaving the hair with a look of freshly washed hair, while giving the hair fullness. It can also be used as a styling product to build fullness in the hair as it gives a great volume. In addition, it mattifies the hair, and therefore gives a matte look.GA.MA - X-wide Digital IHT StraightenerGA.MA X-wide Digital IHT is an instant heat straightener that allows you to perform your stylings as soon as you turn it on. The straightener is equipped with wide Teflon-coated plates of 4 x 10 centimeters and is also enriched with a tourmaline coating that reduces the risk of frizzy and static hair. Adjustable temperature from 150 degrees C to 230 degrees C. Length of cord: 2.5 meters.The set contains:IdHAIR Mé Heat DefenderIdHAIR Mé Dry CleanGa.Ma X-wide straightner