Sharper Image - Speed Bumper Road Rage Set (50-00101)

Sharper Image - Speed Bumper Road Rage Set (50-00101)
Categories: Golf, Clubs
Brand: Sharper Image
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Bring the amusement park home to the living room. Become the owner of your own bumper car ride with this set of bumper cars from Sharper Image.The only kind of car where it’s legal to drive into others just as crazy as you want. That’s why we think bumper cars are so fun. If you think that real bumper cars are a little too big, and would like to bring the entertainment down to a RC level, then we have the ideal toy for you here.The remote-controlled bumper cars from Sharper Image are a perfect gift for a little racing driver. There are 2 cars included in the package, so it is possible to play with a friend. Also included are two fun figures that can be put as a driver in each bumper car, so you can really get into the game.The package includes2 radio cars2 remote controls2 car figuresProduct detailsRecommended age 6+Contains a set of 6 partsRequires 6 AAA batteries (not included)Material: plastic