Google Nest Audio - Chalk

Google Nest Audio - Chalk
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Brand: Google
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Every modern home needs their own personal assistant and it is possible to get in an electronic version with this voice-activated Google Nest Audio speaker.Control all your smart home features with this elegant voice-activated speaker with a powerful, deep bass that lets you control your home, get your news and personal notifications via Google Assistant. The Google Nest Audio Voce Control Smart Assistant is designed to look great in any home, in any decor. With an amplified speaker and built-in Google Assistant with sensitive microphones, this smart helper is both your personal, virtual assistant and a high-quality speaker that can play music from Spotify, YouTube Music and more.Fantastic audio: Despite its compact size, Google has created a great speaker with loud sound and deep bass that adapts to the sound environment in which it exists, so you always get the best sound.Your personal assistant: Start your day with curated information such as the weather, upcoming meetings, reminders and news. You can also add things to your shopping list or put a timer for food in the oven.Voice Matching and Control: Your Google Assistant is intelligent enough to recognize your voice and therefore can provide information tailored to you. Therefore, if multiple users in the same house use the device, it can recognize each user based on their voices.Hands-free calling: Make hands-free calls with your voice via Google Duo calls. The speaker and microphone transmit the sound loud and clear so you can do other things while talking.Smart home voice control: You can control thousands of smart devices, including products from Chromecast Nest, LIFX, LG, Philips Hue and more. So you can adjust the thermostat, the light intensity, the TV volume or control smart plugs and sockets and start the coffee machine or have Google turn off the iron if you are not sure if you remembered to do so.Included in the packageGoogle Nest AudioPower adapter and cable (EU PLUG)DocumentationGoogle Voice AssistantEnhanced audio, built-in ChromecastCompatible with Android / iOS