Starlink: Battle for Atlas

Starlink: Battle for Atlas
Categories: Golf, Clubs
Brand: Ubi Soft
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The modular toys and dynamic combat mechanics in Starlink: Battle for Atlas let players explore multiple ways to achieve objectives and approach any obstacle or enemy, driven by their own imagination and creativity. Alongside the innovative new way to play, Starlink: Battle for Atlas offers open-world gameplay, spanning a full star system that players can explore with total freedom. Built from the ground up in the Snowdrop engine, the game allows seamless travel through and around the exotic alien worlds of the Atlas Star System, teeming with life and unique challenges across seven different planets. Players’ actions and choices will impact their journey and no two player experiences will be alike. Enemies will react and fight back intelligently – taking over the star system if the player does nothing to stop them. The fate of Atlas rests in your hands. All versions of the Starlink: Battle for Atlas Starter Pack include the game, the Starlink controller mount and a poster. Additionally, on PlayStation® 4 system and Xbox One the Starter Pack includes:Zenith Starship – includes modular hull and two Armor wingsMason Rana PilotShredder WeaponFlamethrower WeaponFrost Barrage WeaponThe Nintendo Switch Starter Pack includes:Arwing Starship – includes modular hull and two Arwing wings, with laser cannon weapons and charge shot built inFox McCloud PilotMason Rana PilotFlamethrower WeaponFrost Barrage WeaponDigital versions of Zenith Starship and Shredder weaponExclusive Star Fox mission content