Fiskars - Telescopic Garden Cutter UPX86

Fiskars - Telescopic Garden Cutter UPX86
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Brand: Fiskars
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Fiskars Telescopic Garden Cutter UP86 is an extremely useful tool for anyone with tall trees to cut or overgrown bushes and hedges. Its long reach shaft makes hard to reach garden tasks accessible from a safe standing position making it a perfect tree trimmer. The telescopic shaft length adjustable from 2400mm - 4000mm enabling a maximum reach of 6 meters. The extremely efficient PowerReel™ mechanism makes cutting 12 times easier compared to standard mechanisms and with an adjustable cutting angle up to 230º, bypass cutting action for cutting fresh wood and handy locking mechanism, you will always be able to access that tricky overhead branch and bring it down safely and without too much fuss or trouble.